About us

The Quarks are a progressive/alternative rock band formed in 2015. Made up of 5 members from around Grenoble, we rehearse every week. A bass, a guitar, a keyboard, drums and a mic, all with a common goal: to create powerful and melodic rock, while staying original thanks to inspiration from classical music and other musical genres.

"It's essential for us to all get along with each other on a personal level, to be friends rather than just members of a band".

Over the years the Quarks have played multiple venues, but most importantly won the Trema-Tremix battle of the bands.

"Trema-Tremix gave us a chance to headline at the Grand Angle in Voiron, which was a very enriching experience, and allowed us to improve both our music and our stage presence."

After months of recording and mixing, the band's first self-produced EP was published in July 2017. Today the Quarks are in the process of writing and recording their first full-length studio album, also self-produced. The album ADN was announced on the 30th of June 2019, along with its first single, Tears.

We'd like to thank everyone who supports us, and if you enjoy our music please share it with your friends!

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